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Online Casino Reports is one of the leading multi-lingual online gambling portals in operation today, a household name in the world of iGaming, priding itself on two decades of activity having gone online in 1997.  Online Casino Reports brings important daily news, analysis and developments from the casino industry, covering expos, conferences, and other crucial events, as well as serving as a huge online gambling information directory covering all of its aspects.


Staying on the forefront of the industry, Online Casino Reports  strives to bring current and accurate information to players as well as various stakeholders from different relevant niches. Apart from being a news source, Online Casino Reports contains thousands of reviews on online gambling brands from all throughout the board including online casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks, eSportsbooks and more. 

With over twenty years of experience, Online Casino Reports has seen the industry in its diapers and has went with it since as it matured to what it is today. It is the choice of many - online casino players, operators and everything in between.

Online Casino Reports has a worldwide spread with over 70 local sites in 35+ languages.


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